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This Online Seminar video collection has been developed by popular demand (really from puppy buyers and individuals that express an interest in learning how to groom).

I am often asked to teach fanciers how to groom the Shetland Sheepdog and yes, Rough Collies too.

(Click on any to view that particular video clip. All clips are accompanied by a script for the hearing impaired.)

Show & Tell: An accumulation of video clips collected throughout the years; what I find most valuable, I am sharing with you now. Everyone does everything a little differently but I personally find these techniques to be simple and suitable for the show ring.

Words of Wisdom: You will gain confidence and skill the more practice you allow yourself so start by grooming your own non-show dogs. If you are a show home, you should already be able to maintain your show dogs in between professional handler groomings (i.e., nails and feet). To become more advanced and skillful, I attended every grooming seminar out there then practiced by volunteering at animal shelters. After that I mustered up the courage to do my own by mastering one item at a time.

Needless to say, if you are a non-show home, go for it and keep your companion in shape! Do not over trim. Less is more. Puppies are usually tidied up and not trimmed, except for the whiskers and bottom of the pads (nails of course are kept short), the reason being that later on you will not have the excess hair necessary to trim the adolescent dog properly. Never cut guard hairs.

If you would like your dog to have less of a coat for say… the summer months, thin out the coat with thinning shears from underneath the top coat (near the undercoat). You will lose the rich color of the top coat if you trim the guard hairs from above. After the coat is thinned out, tidy up the “look” as I have explained above.

For more information, feel free to contact Miss Dee via email by writing to

Hey, a big shout out to all you sheltie grooming fanatics and experts, … if you have a grooming tip and/or digital video, send it along for publication. We’d love hearing from you!

This is our first AOC (any other color) American Champion, Ch Silver Trails The Dreamcatcher “Bucky”, short for Buckwheat, bred by Walter & Dee Silverstein, Co-Owned by Michael Pinckes.
Video #1
Brush, Comb & Bathe
Video #11

Video #2
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Video #3
Video #13

Video #4
Ear Taping
Video #14

Video #5
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Video #6
Video #16

Video #7
Final Touches
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Video #18

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Video #10
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