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How Much Is The Seminar?

The fee for the online tutorial is $19.95 and it is a one time only charge. You have access to this online seminar for one year.   The CD  is no longer available.

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The Sheltie/Collie Online Grooming Seminar

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What does the Seminar include? Below is a current Table of Contents:

Table of Contents: 

FROM THE MAIN PAGE: Grooming Online which provides links to the following:


Future "advanced" techniques will be posted. See also, Description of the Grooming Seminar below, scroll down.



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Happy Grooming!

Testimonials Regarding The Sheltie/Collie Online Grooming Seminar

Linda Brost - wrote:

This is a MUST for all Sheltie owners!!  As a pet owner, I wanted to know how to groom our Sheltie and had been searching for years on the Internet for the answer—I found it!!  The seminar is awesome—with tips on grooming the Sheltie from head to toe.  Breeders need to include the seminar with every dog they sell.  I know our Sheltie looks and feels 100% better.  Many thanks for providing this valuable resource.

Danielle Peuramaki <> wrote:
Keep up the good work! Those videos are great. I have been showing and grooming for over 20 years but I have sure learned a lot of new tricks by seeing what you do and with a show coming up in a couple of week, it couldn't have come at a better time.

* * * * * * * * *

The Sheltie Online Grooming Seminar is wonderful! The detail videos are great, the voiceover nice and clear, and the accompanying text very helpful. We especially like the product suggestions and the tips from other breeders--that all makes for a very well-rounded learning experience... Thanks again for the Seminar!! I look forward to receiving my CD!

* * * * * * * * *

Wow, I have been watching all the videos of grooming dogs and I really enjoyed it and there is something that I need to work on or to learn part of how to groom shelties. I will have to keep watching over and over for me to understand and get some ideas. I think you have done a wonderful job with this and you are doing so well by yourself without any one helping you out. That is such a big job and you do your own dog handling too, very well done Dee . Nice job!! I am going to watch them a few more times so as to understand and work on how to groom shelties. I thought maybe you could add that when bathing the dogs, make sure they do rinse them off really good and they don't need to bath but every month or so since shelties are very clean animals and they can be just brushed out  and that will automatically  clean. Never use human shampoo too. Just a thought. Nice job Dee and thanks for sharing with me.

I even pass it on to my friends for them to watch as it is so worthy!! Thanks for all the time you have worked on it and I know it is a lot of time and patience but you have done so well. :)

Linda Cornella of Royal Hill Shelties

* * * * * * * * *

Oh I'm liking this!  Being out here I really needed grooming help.  I was thinking of driving 5 hours for a grooming seminar in AL, but I have a bitch that is due around that same time so I cannot do that.  I was so glad to see this alternative.  I home school my 10 yr. old daughter and have a 2 and 3 yr olds so I'm trying to see the videos in between everything!  LOL

Compass Shetland Sheepdogs

* * * * * * * * *

Wow!  You are so amazing!  Thank you so much for the extremely helpful tricks and tips on how to keep my sheltie groomed all of the time!  We are so thankful that you decided to offer these online instructions and look forward each day to see what new classes you will put up on your site! Thanks again! Your biggest fan!

Gina Diaz

* * * * * * * * *

I love The Sheltie/Collie Online Grooming Seminar!!!  I learned how to do the brushing and combing.  I have learned how to do the pads and hocks so far.  I'm learning how to do ears...   Your instructions are very easy to follow and very thorough.  It is nice to see it step by step.  Like I said, the timing is perfect because I need to start doing my own grooming.  Who better to learn from than you!!!!

Abigold's Bed & Breakfast for Dogs
Becky Timpano, Owner
882 Goshen Road
Morgantown, WV 26508
Visit our website:
Call us: (304) 291-0913

I am very happy to endorse Dee Silverstein's "Sheltie/Collie Online Grooming Seminar."  Dee is a wonderful, talented professional sheltie groomer.  Her seminar is excellent for those wanting to show or for those wanting to groom their sheltie pets.   The seminar is very easy to follow, and gives step by step details on how to groom the sheltie.  Users can listen to Dee's very detailed instructions while watching her do each step of the grooming process.  I own 10 shelties, and I have found the seminar to be fabulous!  I am not a groomer, so I need basic, easy to follow instructions.  Dee's seminar is teaching me how to groom my own shelties, saving me lots of money on professional grooming bills.  I am proud to have the link to her seminar on my website.
Becky Timpano, Owner
Abigold's Bed & Breakfast for Dogs
Morgantown, WV 26508
Visit our website:
Call us: (304) 291-0913




Watch each step over and over again until you get it!

This Sheltie/Collie Online Grooming Seminar has been developed by popular demand (it was originally developed for my own puppy buyers and individuals that express an interest in learning how to groom) as I am often asked to teach dog fanciers how to groom the Shetland Sheepdog and yes, Rough Collies too.

It's Show and Tell: An accumulation of video clips collected throughout the years; what I find most valuable, I am sharing with you now. Again, these techniques are suitable for the show ring.

I have show groomed many shetland sheepdogs (shelties) and rough collies exclusively, starting with their very first American champion point up through their AKC American championships; I have five champions of my own and three pointed furkids; have groomed for my friends, Dr. Cindi Bossart and Jim Efron of Argent Collies and owners of Animal Hospital of Ft. Lauderdale in Broward County, Florida. I also have groomed their client dogs. We make an awesome team! By the way, Dr. Cindi Bossart and staff have our complete confidence and highest recommendation.

OK, now back to the seminar. From soup to nuts, nails to final touches, you will learn how to care for the long hair breeds. These techniques are very easy to follow and learn. You do not need to know how to cut hair just follow my step by step instructions.

This course continues to grow with my touring of the dog show circuit and I am accumulating some interesting tips and comments from the rock stars of show folks, the professional handlers themselves. This course is both educational and entertaining and my mission in life is to get and keep all shelties and collies groomed and kept up weekly.

Author's Comments:

Purpose:  The purpose of this seminar is not to show you how to win with grooming techniques, rather to give you a level playing field. Always remember that it is better to start with quality rather than trying to breed up from mediocre to quality. Start with the best dog possible.

As an everyday groomer, I have seen dogs that have been neglected and by some very nice people that just do not have any idea of what to do with a long-haired animal, dogs and cats alike, as if grooming the long-haired animal is some Big Secret! NO MORE!

These step-by-step, easy to learn lessons teach you what to do with ANY long-haired breed of dog. You can groom shelties, collies, goldens, setters, chows, ausies, and border collies with these grooming techniques.

Benefit: Long-haired dogs can benefit from these lessons. Years in the making, modern technology has enabled the creation of this seminar with upgrading,  web space and learning all the programs necessary to edit film. It's been a one woman show as I am the videographer, instructor, web developer, CD burner, film director, editor and distributor, the whole 9 yards! Steven Spielberg look out!

 Enjoy the seminar and as always, your comments are needed so as to improve this learning tool.

The greatest gift has been meeting new friends from all around the world.



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