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Silver Trails Royal Family Ty's "Tia"

Bred By Tim and Mary Beth Linstad & Co-Owned with Walter and Dee Silverstein & Connie DuBois

Tia! She's all grown up! We just love her!

Silver Trails Royal Family Ty's "Tia"

Bred By Tim and Mary Beth Linstad & Co-Owned with Walter and Dee Silverstein & Connie DuBois


Tia's brothers and sisters!

Tia, her brothers and sisters, featured in this short documentary, appear right before the end of the video. These beautiful puppies were sired by Ch Silver Trails Valentino and bred by Tim and Mary Linstad


Blue Heron International Pictures Press Release

Blue Heron's Weatherwax Legacy
Honored in Los Angeles Movie Awards

The Los Angeles Movie Awards announced today that film-maker Gary
Lester's new mini-documentary, The Weatherwax Legacy, has earned an Honorable Mention Award, which includes the group's prized Laurel Leaves.

The mini-documentary was produced by Blue Heron International Pictures, in association with Weatherwax Trained Dogs.

"I am deeply honored with this recognition from Los Angeles," said Lester from his home in Daytona Beach. "The competition was fierce, so an Honorable Mention makes me very happy."

The 26 year old award-winning film-maker was quick to share the limelight with others as well.

"A director cannot create anything of value without a whole lot of
talented people working collaboratively on a project," said Lester.
"Producer Terry Thistlethwaite in California assembled incredible people for this film, including animal activist Temple Grandin, music composer Wendy Francisco, and Bob Weatherwax -- unquestionably the world's best and most famous animal trainer."

"Bob and his father Rudd are icons in Hollywood, having trained the dogs for the Lassie movies of the 1940's, as well as 360 episodes of the
Lassie TV series," said Lester. We are honored most of all to be working with such a fine human being."

Blue Heron's Gary Lester, Bob Weatherwax with his special collie,
and Executive Producer Richard Lester

Weatherwax now plans to use his skills to prepare trainers of service
dogs to assist people with disabilities. "It's Bob's way of paying back
for all the good fortune he has enjoyed throughout his life," said

Producer Terry Thistlethwaite hopes the recognition that the
mini-documentary is garnering on the film festival circuit will open up
opportunities to expand it into a feature length documentary for
commercial broadcast.

The Weatherwax Legacy is under serious consideration for screening in
November at the Daytona Beach Film Festival. Lester is hopeful that Bob Weatherwax would be able to attend in person, if the award-winning
mini-documentary becomes an official selection.

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