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Note: The shape of the ruff including the bib should be
in the form of a heart without the dip on top and should be done after the
ruff has been trimmed. Again, this is three dimensional object so you will
trim from the front and side.

Trimming from the Front: Lift the chin and part
the ruff in half, side to side, (I do this with the dog standing) with a
slicker brush. With your thinning shears, trim the tiny (stray) guard hairs to
complete the heart shape and blend the bottom as shown. If you desire, you may
round out the bottom of the heart, I prefer not. I believe that rounding out
the bottom looks carved in and not naturally occurring. (PROCEED TO THE NEXT

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Trimming from the Side:  Brush the bib towards
you and, with thinning shears, trim the tiny (stray) guard hairs. The bottom of the bib should be well above the ground and blend
in with the belly hair – I would say at the half way point
of the legs, well below the elbow.