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Part the hair on top of the ear  in half, brush excess hair towards the center of the head and trim evenly no shorter than the shortest hair.  Round off the hair on the tip of the ear and trim the hair all around the rest of the ear leather. (Note: Pluck the thick tufty hair from the end of ears.) 

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Now for the inside of the ear, you don’t want to take too much off, you don’t want to over trim this area but you do want to clean it up. 

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OK now more on trimming the ear, the shape of the ear should be round this way and round that way so as you can see we have some extra, then you trim the sides here on an angle, trim some more and there ya go!



More on trimming ears courtesy
of Cathy Wojcik of Imperial Shelties:

Q.  I have a bitch that has really long wings of hair that grow in front of her ears and around her ears. Anyway I know how to trim up the back of the ears but not sure how to trim up the front of the ear hair. Should I trim it with a thinner to make it even with the break of the ear tip? Help!

A.  Generally, yes to your question but it depends on how her ears are set – if they don’t bend as much as you like, you want to keep that front hair longer to cover up the bare inside of the ear, giving the ‘impression’ that the ears tip more than they do, and if the ears tip lower than you like, you trim that front hair lower to give the ‘impression’ of a higher set ear since you’ll show more of the inside of the ear.