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Final Touches

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Before I send a dog home, I basically powder the entire dog with baby powder, brush it in, check the whiskers again, back brush the entire dog, back brush the legs, back brush the ears – this gives a nice finishing touch and smells really good when the owners take the puppy home – smells just like a newborn baby. Get underneath here, all over, don’t forget the tail (or the back feet and legs and in between the legs).
(Note: You can use this dry method anytime in between regular groomings. If the dog happens to get a little messy around the private area, no need to wet and shampoo it, just pepper that area with the baby powder and brush it out with a slicker. The powder will clean the coat of dirt and grease and leave the dog fresh smelling. Be careful not to overdo, too much can cause the skin to dry. Do not use baby powder if the dog is not fully dried out, you will just make mud.)



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Supplies: Chalk and Chalkmate which is available
on the show grounds or online, see your favorite vendor at the shows.

Step 1:  First, you will need Chalkmate, fine powdered chalk and a baby brush (you can get the baby brush at any drug store – this will be your chalking brush). You can get Chalkmate and fine powdered chalk at the dog show.

Only on white hair: Take a dab of Chalkmate and rub it in your hands. Work all these areas with a slicker. Keep the chalk in a plastic container. Take the baby brush and dip it in the chalk and brush the legs and rough with the chalking brush. Sprinkle chalk all around the rough and not too much. Brush all of the chalk out of the entire dog. Once all the chalk is brushed out, continue to the next step. Now if the hair feels brittle or stiff, brush that out with Crown Royal #3 mixed with water and a pin brush.

Step 2:  Are you familiar with teasing hair? If you are then it is simple. You will need a non-sticky hair spray, a teasing comb or teasing brush. Start from the middle top of the mane, just after the skull. Take a small piece of hair, spray the root and tease the hair from the root up. Do this all the way around the collar. You DO NOT want the mane to feel sticky so use it sparingly and DO NOT spray the guard hairs on top, just at the root.

You should not have stiff hair, it should feel hydrated and soft to the touch. If you need to, use a finishing brush (I use a Mason-Pearson and spray water or the Crown Royal #3.