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Now this is the pants/skirt and the shape of the pants/skirt is supposed to be in the shape of a W, like this, “W.” So you have some trimming to do here, some trimming to do on the side here – I don’t really go past the hocks which the hocks are here so I am going further down – you can go in the middle here, trim that portion out. I see a lot of people doing this – going across so… it’s not this it’s in the shape of a W.

(Note: We use the trimmers to trim this area. While trimming the pants/skirt, keep the tail out of the way. )

Sometimes, I am asked to “shave” this area by non-show people so I will opt to create a “bird’s nest” which is more of the same type of trimming except it is cut more drastically and closer to the more sensitive areas. The pants become the nest and the tail becomes the bird. More on this in future videos.